jason lee lasky

Jason Lee Lasky

I'm a volunteer activist in Byron Shire - Australia, for many organisations.

I advocate for

trading as hubway

I began trading under the name hubway around 2001, suggestive of a fractal pattern for syndicating cooperative collaborative networks, more recently described as cosmo-localism. I use twitter handle hubwayfractal.

My current passion is Co-here Locality Tokens with it's stage 3 initiative tenancyOS future-credits: eco-living housing energy ride work eat which combines co-housing, co-working & car sharing - a coordination pathway, economic model & common platform for syndicating localised member based co-operatives, purpose & value driven as social enterprises.

I cherish health, family, a lush natural environment while living in cohesive resilient communities with in diverse peaceful society.

I support professionals, business & organisations with website design & maintenance.

community resilience

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